White Back Duplex Board



White back duplex boards are now sold at discounts on THIDARAT CHAOBUAYAI Inc. It is based in Thailand.Basically, people prioritize this white back duplex board paper for superb printing. The gloss of the images on the board is excellent. While searching for the white back duplex board, you need specification details and parameters for checking quality.THIDARAT CHAOBUAYAI Inc runs business over 10 years as a great supplier of the top quality white back duplex board.100 percent wood pulp is recycled for making the white back duplex board.Get world class white back duplex boards from THIDARAT CHAOBUAYAI Inc situated in Thailand.

Specification Information

1. Standard Gram : 250g,300g,350g,400g,450g.

2. Thickness : 0.37mm — 0.54mm (±5mm)

300gsm — 0.37mm

3.Size: Roll size:787 / 889 / 1092 / 1194 mm,

Sheet size:787*1092mm / 889*1194mm / 700*1000m,

Other: the width〉600 mm in roll size and customized.



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