Packaging Box Paper



Packaging box papers preserve your precious jewelries. Moisture-proof and stiff packing box papers give you complete product security. On the other hand, for delicate printing and designing, opt for packing box papers. When you buy this type of product packing paper,you should check durability , stiffness and price.THIDARAT CHAOBUAYAI Inc in Thailand is a reliable supplier of this awe-inspiring folding inhibition papers in reels/sheets. PE film for wrapping the papersis extraordinary.The four contours of thepacking box paper are safe and resilient.MOQ is 5 to 10 tones for supplying of custom packing box papers. In this connection, feel free to contact the representatives of this exporting company. Have free guidance for getting products packing box papers.


1. Moisture Proof,Anti-Curl and strong stiffness, folding resistance

2. Delicate and Uniform coating,fine texture suitable for multiple printing

3. Good whiteness and smoothness

4. Competitive price with excellent,stable quality products


1 In Rolls, PE film wrapped, 4 angles protected. Waterproof film.

2 In Sheets, bulk packed on strong wooden pallets wrapped with PE film, 4 angles protected. Waterproof film.

3 In Ream. Normally 100sheets per ream. Ream packed wrapped with PE film, 4 angles protected. Waterproof film.

4 Customized package for customers.


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