Kraft Paper



Kraft Paper also called paperboard or cardboard is widely used to package the products which required strength and durability as this paper has the quality of elasticity and tear resistance capability. The name – Kraft Paper is self explanatory about its process of manufacture. The paper is produced through a process called kraft process where chemical pulp is used to produce sack of kraft papers. It has a wide range of use – to wrap candies or in shotgun shell due to its high tensile strength and durability. This paper is useful in the transportation of powder material like cement, flour, chemicals to prevent pollution as many are harmful for us. Widely use as grocery bags, envelopes, bouquets and base for sand paper. It can be recycled makes it eco-friendly thats make up Best Kraft Paper Manufacturers in Thailand.

Product Description:

Paper Size : Sheets & Reels

Material : Mixed Pulp

Pulp Style : Recycled

Pulp Type : Chemical pulp

Base Weight : 45 – 160gsm

Tensity : 0.7g/cm3

Moisture : 7-8%

Color : Light brown, dark brown & white


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