Glossy Printing Paper




1. Base Weight: 250gsm,300gsm,350gsm,400gsm

2. Size: 889*1194mm,787*1092mm,700*1000mm

width >600mm in reel size.

And customized size

3. Thickness: 250±5 — 415±​5 (um)

4. Packing: PE film wrapped, 4 angles protector, baled on strong wooden pallets

Load qty:: 18-20 tons per 20FT; 25 tons per 40FT


Packing details: 1) Each wood pallet is 1.1m or 2.2m heigh with paperboard.

2) The corner is protected by protection strip.

3) The whole pallet is wrapped by waterproof film and fixed by two pieces steel strip.


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